My Story

When I come across bloggers in the wellness scene, I always ask myself ‘what inspired them to be here?’ We all have our own unique stories that lead us – mine is rooted in a history of chronic health issues, the cultivation of resilience, and a passion for health and keeping myself accountable during my own journey.

When I was 19, the seemingly innocent stomach problems that had followed me most of my life suddenly ballooned into an array of debilitating symptoms. While most of my peers were celebrating college acceptance letters, I was spending my days going from doctor to doctor trying to crack the case of what was going on in my body. After numerous tests, conflicting conclusions, and prescriptions that left me feeling like a shell of myself (hello, Xanax…) I was seeing no improvement. The number on the scale kept rising, the panic attacks came like clockwork, nearly everything I ate made me sick; I felt like giving up.

Hearing about my situation, a family friend recommended that my Mom take me to an integrative medicine clinic. Little did I know that connecting with a practitioner who had a more holistic view of health would be the catalyst to my entirely renewed outlook on life. The whole-body wellness approach that I was immersed in provided me the kelly_-193privilege of learning what lifestyle health truly is. I learned to value the intersectionality of health and the importance of caring equally for the different elements of the self. By addressing nutrition, microbiome balance (gut health), toxicity exposure, structural health, and mental health, I discovered a sense of wellness that was entirely new to me. Along with it came a passion for a world I had never envisioned myself fitting in before – health and wellness.

I savored feeling as well as I did, but I didn’t have the tools to maintain it. Somewhere in the midst of my doctor moving out of state, living abroad in Asia, a few rounds of antibiotics, and finally starting college my symptoms started to creep back around. Over the next few years I received a number of inaccurate diagnoses, from Hashimoto’s Disease to Adrenal Fatigue, and tried dozens of treatment protocols and diet modifications; my symptoms kept worsening. Instead of letting the discouragement settle in, I pushed myself to learn more, to become an active participant in my wellness journey. Embracing this path lead me to many affirmations that I was far from alone and that my story could be beneficial, which compelled me to share it. Thunder + Lace was born as a symbol of my commitment to this journey, as a platform through which I could connect with like-minded individuals who could inspire my passion to continue burning bright, and a means to maybe inspire others to be proactive in the pursuit of their own sense of wellness.

While I’m still pressing ahead on my journey to healing, creating this platform has opened my eyes to so many beneficial topics and my life to so many beautiful people. I take great pleasure in sharing the steps I take along the way with you!


photography by Hannah Swanson

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