Why This Lifestyle?

Growing up I was always a very sensitive person, both physically and emotionally. I would get sick to my stomach frequently and thought it was just a part of who I was. As I got older I began to have other chronic health issues emerge. By the time I graduated high school I was experiencing debilitating panic attacks, more stomach upset than ever before, cognitive issues, kelly_-193and other symptoms that, after months of prescriptions and tests, myself and a slew of medical doctors were unable to manage.

Connecting with a functional medicine practitioner with a holistic view of health was the catalyst to my completely renewed outlook on life. The integrative care approach that I was immersed in at that practice taught me what lifestyle health truly was. I learned to value the intersectionality of health and the importance of caring equally for the different elements of the self. By addressing nutrition, chemical exposure, structural health, and mental health, I felt a sense of wellness I’d never experienced before. My symptoms were managed for the first time, and a passion was ignited in me!

Learning about this type of lifestyle-focused healthcare and applying it to my own life empowered me as an individual; it provided me with a set of tools that allowed me to take my power back from my symptoms and to create a lifestyle that genuinely nourished both my body and mind. Since, my interest in lifestyle health has only continued to grow and expand!

Simply, I believe that everyone deserves to feel their best. I believe that people deserve to be educated about the ways in which they can achieve that, naturally. I don’t believe we can trust what we are told or what is on our beauty product and food labels at face value; it is critical that we become educated consumers who read between the lines. I believe that chemical exposure is a paramount public health issue. I believe that by lowering our exposure to harmful chemicals and toxins by choosing cleaner cosmetics, personal care products, and whole foods that we allow our bodies to better heal themselves. I’m a firm believer in the fact that eating healthy can be simple and affordable, that mindfulness can change your life, and that a non-toxic beauty regime can be accessible at all price points and doesn’t have to mean sacrificing quality, creative expression, or the ability to participate in cosmetic trends!

Acting as an educator and ambassador for a balanced, healthy lifestyle is something that I find incredibly rewarding. Creating Thunder & Lace was my way to share my passions, outlook, and personal health journey with others; my goal in the future is to build a career that enables me to do the same!


photography by Hannah Swanson

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