Conscious Beauty

In Spring of 2016 I began to make more mindful decisions about the products that I use on my face and body, with my health in mind. When I became aware of what was lurking in my coveted personal care products, I quickly realized that using them without intention simply didn’t line up with my lifestyle view. I had no idea previously that manyIMG_7003 cosmetic products (drugstore and high end alike) contain carcinogenic impurities, toxins that disrupt our hormones, reproductive systems, and neurological systems, ingredients that are harmful to our environment, and much more.

At first, like many people who have heard about or become immersed in the ‘green’ or ‘clean’ beauty world, I jumped in feet first. My outrage and the feeling of having been deceived by the cosmetic industry led to my enthusiastic denouncing of all things ‘toxic.’ My passion quickly devolved into a consuming and draining cycle of striving to live up to perfectionistic standards. Unfortunately, I’ve observed this becoming a common theme as green beauty becomes a trend. This considered, I was soon faced with the realization that this pursuit of perfection also failed to line up with my lifestyle view.

After much reflection on the word balance, I personally came to favor the term ‘conscious beauty’ over ‘green’ or ‘clean beauty.’ Let me explain why…

Do I believe that regulation in the cosmetic and personal care industry is lacking at best? Absolutely. Do I think that we can trust labels at face value? Never. Do I believe that we should empower ourselves with knowledge of ingredients that have been found to be harmful? Yes! Do I feel that many conventional personal care and beauty products are unsafe? I do, and I choose to not use many of them. However, overall I believe that being an active participant in our own health journey is the most important thing. I believe in striving for balanced and better, not perfection. I want to communicate first and foremost that what I promote is educating ourselves and making mindful, well educated decisions in terms of what goes in and on our bodies. I believe we should each have our own definitions of what is acceptable and not, informed by our own research. I do not believe in fear-based marketing, blindly following rules determined by individuals with higher status, or that all natural products are inherently better. To me, it’s all about being informed, thinking critically, and striving for balance.

If you’re curious about my personal ideals that I live by, here’s a rundown! When I use and feature beauty products and skincare on any of my platforms, unless clearly stated, you can be confident that they are…

  • Crafted from minimal, organic, and truly natural ingredients.
  • Free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates
  • Free of Petroleum and Petroleum Byproducts
  • Free of harmful fillers such as Bismuth Oxychloride and Talc
  • Non-nano
  • Not colored with Synthetic Dyes
  • Cruelty Free and in most cases, Vegan


Brands I Love + Trust

Color Cosmetics
Au Naturale
Alima Pure
100% Pure
14e Cosmetics
Red Apple Lipsticks
RMS Beauty
Hynt Beauty
W3ll People
Rituel de Fille
Vapour Beauty
Elate Cosmetics
Naked Truth Beauty
Araza Natural Beauty (Paleo Certified)
Jane Iredale

Body + Skincare
Good Medicine Beauty Lab
Josh Rosebrook
May Lindstrom
Indie Lee
Clean Living Collection
Schmidt’s Naturals (Deodorant)
Max and Me
Honua Hawaiian Skincare
Meow Meow Tweet
Herbivore Botanicals
Urban Alchemist
100% Pure

Innersense Organic Beauty
Green & Gorgeous Organics (Dry Shampoo)
Josh Rosebrook
John Master’s Organics
Andalou Naturals
Brü Pomade

Home + Lifestyle
Bridge Nine Candle Co.
Hillockburn Farm
Bon Ami (Deep Cleaning)
Cora Women (Menstrual Products)
Lola (Menstrual Products)
Marley’s Monsters (Reusable wipes, cotton rounds, paper towels, etc.)
SOPHi (Healthier Nail Polish)
Bio Seaweed Gel (Healthier Gel Nail Polish)



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