Lilacs + Longer Days! Welcoming Spring w/ Bridge Nine Candle Co.

Despite the chill in the air and the combination snow/thunderstorm that hit Seattle this week (yes, what a bizarre day that was…) the Pacific Northwest is starting to show signs of Spring! As an avid flora and Vitamin D lover, I’m eager for the longer days of Spring and the colorful growth that surrounds us all during this unique season.

Speaking of Spring, it seems like I’ve happened upon a luxurious little tradition -testing and reporting my seasonal scent pick from Portland Oregon’s Bridge Nine Candle Co.! For the last month I’ve been enjoying burning the most authentic Lilac candle that I’ve ever smelled, and I’m here to tell you all about it!

If you’re new to these blog posts from me and want to know why I choose Bridge Nine as my go-to candle stop, here’s a quick rundown! Bridge Nine Candle Co. is a woman-owned business from my hometown, Portland, Oregon, that hand pours seasonal and Pacific Northwest inspired scents. Bridge Nine focuses on locally-sourced and natural ingredients, like soy wax and cotton wicks (sans metal cores.) Hop over to my very first post about Bridge Nine Candle Co. to read my full thoughts on their brand mission and ingredient stance, and why I believe that petroleum-based conventional candles are a detriment to our health.

Now, onto my spring scent of choice!

Bridge Nine’s Spring and Summer scent selections include the zesty and fragrant Coconut Lime (last year’s favorite,) the tropical and bright Pineapple Sage, the spicy and fruity Ginger Peach, the nostalgic and floral Lilac, and the sweet and citrusy Strawberry Lemon! As I was pining for it last season and couldn’t get my hands on one before they all sold out, Lilac was my immediate choice this time around.

Upon unboxing, I was swooning over the wafting scent of fresh-cut lilacs and the delicate, pale purple shade of the Lilac tumbler‘s wax. This size has a 45 hour burn 2time and comes in a reusable and recyclable glass container. Plus, how adorable is Bridge Nine’s new packaging? Every scent has a different design!

I trimmed my wick to 1/4″ (which will help to keep smoking and soot buildup at bay,) before lighting my Lilac tumbler. Shortly after, my entire apartment smelled of the sweet, floral aroma of genuine lilacs. I found myself instantly reminiscing on fuzzy childhood memories of warm Spring and early Summer days with my Mom and Grandma, picking lilacs and putting them in vases to adorn the house. My Mom still has a lilac bush in our backyard back home that she is always doting over during the blooming season. Whenever I come home and smell lilac and daphne, I always know that Spring has sprung.

So, in short, you could say that’s a rave 10/10 from me! Dare I say that this is one of my favorite scents from Bridge Nine, period? I feel that it is exceptionally hard to find candles that capture the authentic fragrance of flowers – they almost always end up smelling too sweet. That is certainly not the case here, which is why I’ll be snagging a few more candles immediately just in case they sell out again. If you share similar feelings and are a fan of floral scents, I highly, highly recommend Bridge Nine’s Lilac!

Lilac is available in 3 sizes: Jelly Jar (an adorable decorative jar candle that is perfect for gifting, with a 20 hour burn time,) Tin (a no-fuss tin candle with a lid and a 35 hour burn time, perfect for traveling,) and the Tumbler size detailed above.

I’m excited to let you know that code THUNDERANDLACE saves you 20% off of your Bridge Nine Candle Co. order now until April 1st!

Happy Spring and happy shopping!


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